Friday, April 2, 2010

Catching up on my Custom Orders

After having a baby everything changes and your night becomes your day and your day becomes... uh... a mess!! Anyway, after 4 weeks of sleepless nights with my baby we are beginning to sleep again during the night. I am getting all my customers orders up to date and you should be able to start seeing albums and other things here.

Do you remember this album?

Well, it's almost done. Actually there are 2 of these and both will be ready next week. Please be sure to follow my blog to come back and check out the final result.

Yesterday, I shared the custom order for 3 cards. Here are they READY!

I will share next week the details and supplies that I used on them, so be sure to come back.

Have a great weekend and remember to celebrate the real reason for this coming Sunday: Jesus Christ is Risen!

Be blessed,



Anonymous said...

Hello Tereza!! first at all thank you so very much for join my blog and for the sweet commpliment you left me!! it is much appreciated.
I can't wait to see this work finished!! love those websters pages papers!!, I love those custom cards!! they are so pretty!!
how old is your baby?, I wasn't getting any sleep for 18 months!! now my little girl is starting to sleep through the night!! finally!! but still she is waking up ones or twice on the middle of the night.Hope you have a Happy Easter!!
God bless you!!

eMeLiNe Seet said...

these are truly beautiful !!

Chelsea said...

oh Wow! Those cards are gorgeous! Beautiful colors, embellishments, so so beautiful. ~Chelsea