Thursday, February 11, 2010

Head is down, engaged for landing!

ok, if you never had a baby you have no clue what the title of this post is about. LOL

I am 38 weeks pregnant and had an ultrasound today and I am so happy and thankful to Jesus that my baby has turned head down and is now engaged ready to be born. That is the best way for a baby to be born: head first! So we are ready. Now we are just waiting on God's timing, which is always perfect, so I am happy to wait for it.

In the meantime, I have made some more pretty things. I will try to list them in my Etsy shop but if I don't get to, please be patient I still got lots of nesting to do. Today we put the bassinet together, and we got a couple of rooms cleaned yesterday. I still need to tackle bathrooms and my computer room. I even cleaned my craft room but photos will have to wait. :)

For now, I want to share some of the pretties I made this past week while waiting for baby...

Can you guess what I have been eating? :)

Be blessed today and thanks for stopping by,



AnaIsa said...

Olá Tereza!
Ainda bem que a tua princesa está bem posicionada:-) Desejo-te uma hora curta e muito feliz!
Nas minhas gravidezes comi toneladas de trufas de chocolate!!!!!!
beijos grandes

Lisa said...

Hooray for chocolate! I'm watching your blog for the happy announcement! Any day now???? If not already!!