Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Enjoy Today. Tomorrow will come quickly.

The other day I was watching home videos of my now 7 year old first born daughter and reminiscing of the time when she was a baby and a toddler. I wish someone would have told me the things I know today, so I could have enjoyed her more and fought with her less. I had a really hard time understanding the development stages of toddler hood and she was and still is a very strong willed little girl so we had our struggles. I remember many nights crying my eyes out because of power struggles and not knowing how to deal with many different situations.

Today I know that there are certain fights that are not worth taking on. Some things are just part of a child's growing up stages and patience and love are the best medicine.

So I try not to condemn myself for the past and move on. I try really hard to enjoy her now and leave the past behind. I make sure to apply the lessons learned to my other children who came after her. (I am also a first born, so I know what it is like to be a guinea pig. What won't kill you, will make you stronger.)

Everyday is an opportunity to build new memories and grow closer to her.

So my baby inspired me to created these 2 pieces of ARt Wall. They are about 6" to 8" wide and can be hung or displayed on a picture holder. I finished them this afternoon and couldn't wait until tomorrow to take photos, so please forgive me for the glare and the lack of light. I will re-take these photos again and edit this post tomorrow.

But for now... Enjoy Today. Tomorrow will come quickly.

Be blessed,



Pinklady50 said...

Your cards are beautiful! And I was once in your shoes thinking those same things. And then the kids turn out fine in spite of us! Then we have grandkids and another chance to really get it right--wonderful!

Cindy and Timothy Pierce said...

Hey Tereza. Your blog is awesome!
About kids.......just enjoy each day because before you know it, they are gone and have their owe lives and families. Day by day it seems slow, but the years go quickly! ENJOY!!!!

Lisa said...

WOW! your art is phenomenal! Beautiful! Thanks for the congratulations and kind words. I hope the next 6 weeks go smoothly for you. Your blog music is lovely too!!

Lynn Biermann said...

What beautiful work!! Such amazing details.. yet soft & elegant!! a joy to look at!

stampdiva said...

Stunning artwork. Lynne Moncrieff