Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fireproof your Marriage!

hi Everyone,

If you haven't seen yet you need to get a copy and watch FIREPROOF. While it is a Christian movie it has a very contemporary message. It basically portrays the struggle of this married couple that life and its busyness has got a hold of and they realize that they have lost touch and because they are not "feeling in love" they assume they are not in love so they must get a divorce. The husband gets a copy of a book that dares him to Love his wife for 40 days and see what Real Love can do.

I bought the DVD and watched it last night. I also bought the book The LOVE Dare. I began reading it on line and I just knew I had to get it.

Unlike the main lady in the movie I have a wonderful husband. I really cannot complain. My husband is patient, kind, gracious, sensitive, my best friend and I could go on and on... :) So, I don't have any complaints about him, but I needed to get the book because I don't know how to love like I Corinthians 13 say I should.

Although I am a Christian, and God has done a marvelous work in my life, I still sin. God has really got a hold of my heart about not loving my children like I should. Every time I am angered, impatient, unkind, I am sinning. Jesus has compared being angry to committing murder and the reality is that I am doing just that every time I direct a harsh word to one of my children.

So, anyway, I bought the book and I am doing the Love Dare to my children.

I have been meditating on the Love subject for over a week now and I created some Vintage cards with that theme in mind. I believe that Real Love Passes the Test of Time. Love will stand by you through thick and thin, through ugly and pretty, sickness and health until death. Love will keep on loving in spite of.

I pray that you will stop and consider the people that have loved you unconditionally, the ones who stood with you in the midst of the ugliness of life. Those people are precious ones sent by God to help you in time of trouble. Don't forget to love them back! :)

Enjoy the cards!! :)



~Vittory~ said...

You cards are amazing. And words about love is so truly. I'm thankful to God for my husband and little baby girl. (even if we are married just 2 years but we still like in honeymoon)...hopefully with help of our Savior it will last for whole life.=)

Angie said...

I love, love, love the cards :)