Thursday, June 26, 2008


This past week I got inspired to create a layout to record how time flies. I see it everyday as I put away baby's clothes that do not fit any longer, as I search for a new pair of shoes for my growing child, as I see Spring is gone, Summer is here, soon Fall will come.... time flies...and we waste so much time in what is temporal and forget the eternal.

So to remind myself of the preciousness of time, I created this layout that is up for grabs on Ebay. Check out the link to my listings on Ebay on the right side of this blog.

this is what I did:
1) I masked some flourishes using distressing inks. Then I hand cut some letters from a patterned paper. I used them to once again mask the background cardstock and adhered them to the top left after that.
2) I doodled on the images masked. I cut a large circle out of patterned paper.
3) I added a clock printed on vellum, as well as flourishes stamped on Vellum. I used clear rhinestones to show how precious time is, but how we let it go unnoticed.
4) Last I added the title in the flower and another question: "where did time go?" written out in the flourishes.

I think this would be a beautiful layout for before and after photos, i.e., first and last day of school, or your baby boy at 2 years old and then at 6 years old. Your child when he/ she started high school and graduation day...there are so many events that portray how time has flied and the changes it has brought. Enjoy!!!


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Kristine said...

Tereza, this layout is just precious. I love love love it! Your work is so inspiring. Way to go!!!!